The newest Magic City Farm is a throwback in time - a vintage Florida property hugging a quiet, rural river - CAMP MAGIC CITY.

With an antique airstream, shabby shed, 1960's house, pool, incredible ancient trees twisting elegantly to the sky, lush tropical gardens scattered about, and a deck perched over the river, Magic City Farm's newest creation relives the truly old world Florida.

Although Magic City Farm's two properties,  the original Farm on the Little River and the Pink Palazzo in Miami's Upper East Side, are no longer owned by Tamara Hendershot, they were also throwbacks in time -  the Farm with its 1920's wooden cottages, boathouse and farmhouse, and the Pink Palazzo with it's 1920's Tudor home, carriage house, coral rock pool, verandas, and balconies. They were home to many photos shoots, events, and short-term stays for 10 happy years. Both are now under new ownerships.

Hendershot has been featured in The New York Times, The Miami Herald, The Huffington Post, and many national and international publications for her unique and eccentrically
created Miami homes.

A perfect location for photo shoots, events,  and occasions, CAMP MAGIC CITY awaits your visit.

Come see it for yourself !

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Camp Magic City

Magic City Farm's new child, CAMP MAGIC CITY, is again created by Tamara Hendershot. More rural than the original, it spreads over an acre of old Florida growth with a 1960's house, a 'cottagey' shed, a 1970's airstream, a pool, and an old southern dock perched over a quiet flowing river. Ancient curvy bottle trees, oaks, mangoes, palms and sea grapes lend to the sense of Old Florida.

Beautiful light throughout the day makes life here feel very tranquil, a bygone oasis right in the city. Interiors are furnished with whimsical vintage, exteriors with comfortable 'camp.' The property has many different environments perfect for photography.

Photos by Patti Stoecker

The Pink Palazzo


Tamara Hendershot transformed a vintage manor and carriage house into a weathered palazzo. With it's coral rock pool, meandering paths, tropical gardens, balconies, verandas, and patios, it was a wondrous, romantic surprise in Miami's Upper East Side. It is under new ownership, and now, Magic City Farm has moved on to its new home, Camp Magic City.

Old Magic City Farm


Originally created by Tamara Hendershot, the Old Magic City Farm is now also under new ownership. Like the Pink Palazzo and Camp Magic City, it was a throwback in time, a 1920's farmhouse, boathouse, and 6 cottages tucked into Urban Miami along the Little River. For 8 happy years, it welcomed many photo shoots, special occasions, and short-term stays. Now, Magic City Farm has moved on to its new home, Camp Magic City. 

Contact Tamara Hendershot:

(305) 205-6575 or